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Business in Greece

In today’s global economic environment, intensive competition and accelerated growth are the main reasons for the lack of stability and cohesion in European countries. The EU enlargement, in parallel with the globalization of trade and ICT revolution constitute new challenges.

The public sector, being a basic axis of the new economic environment, has focused on the development of new policies and development planning, placing its “institutional” role aside, while having started being transformed from a manager of the market into an agent of the market. Despite this, the pressing need for new policies that has arisen due to the liberalization of European markets and the enlargement of the EU constitutes the support to local authorities, in development planning, imperative.

The private sector, being important for economic development, has come against very important problems, too. New investments and entrepreneurial activities “freeze” due to beaurocratic procedures and the lack of adequate financing and access to national and European funds. Lack of effective policies in the labour market and the sector of vocational training constitute a barrier to the development of human resources and new opportunities. Lack of awareness on quality issues and subjects of exploitation of competitive advantages threaten the main economic sectors.

In this competitive environment, problems do not arise only in the level of organizations, but also in the level of areas, while the subject of competitiveness becomes central. Emphasis has to be given to the design of integrated policies for dealing with the problems of the European space through the exploitation of competitive advantages and integrated development planning.In such a demanding environment, authorities ask and deserve the appropriate support. The complexity of their problems constitutes for us a simple mathematic equation, and their demand for expertise, speed and practical solutions is our obligation and commitment. Through our extensive experience, we do have the necessary know-how to “cope efficiently and effectively with every challenge, developing and implementing innovative solutions and modern tools with our eyes turned on the society and the people”. Learn about Business in Greece with us.

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