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Doing Business Greece


METON has a wide cooperation network on a national and international level, covering all its activity fields. Specifically, the company preserves and exploits strategic alliances with consulting and other private firms, universities and research institutes of high value, public authorities, local and national collective bodies, development agencies and institutions, and holds strong bonds with freelancers of several expertise fields. The cooperation network of METON, apart from the fact that it constitutes a guarantee for the successful implementation of all works it undertakes, it also allows its participation to the development of policies and strategies on a national and European level.


Our company, having a permanent and evolving presence in the area of consulting services in Greece, holds a recognized quality of service. This results to the imminent enlargement of its cooperations on a national level.


METON has wide presence abroad, with its most important cooperations in the EU-27, the new EU Member States, and the states under integration. Several cooperations exist also in countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle – East.

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